Taiwan City's Introduction

Taiwan City (Mal Tai Holdings Sdn Bhd) is a member of Mal Wah Group of Companies which founded by Managing Director Dato’ Jeffrey Low Boon Hing. Dato’ graduated from Taiwan’s National Chengchi University, after finishing studied, Dato’ served as Malaysia-Taiwan Trade Federation Association (MTTFA) Founder of Finances, to help boost Malaysia-Taiwan Trade. Moreover, Dato’ founded Taiwan City to express his gratitude to Taiwan, create a platform to sell Taiwan’s Products in Malaysia and provide education and cultural exchanges between Malaysia and Taiwan.

Taiwan City sells a variety of Taiwan Specialty Products from north to south Taiwan, such as Pineapple Cakes, Tamsui Iron Eggs, Hsinchu Rice Vermicelli, Daxi Bean Curd, Bull Head Barbecue Sauce and so on. You can enjoy and taste these delicious products by shopping at Taiwan City without the need of flying to Taiwan or cycling around the Taiwan Island.

Yong Peng has been a pit stop for many travellers along the North-South Expressway. Taiwan City located strategically nearest to the North-South Expressway and only two minutes from Yong Peng (U) Exit, is the best place for tourists to visit. Our retail stores divided into “Taiwan Specialty Products Area” and “Nanyang Area” which selling high-quality products. Furthermore, spacious parking area can accommodate more than hundreds of cars and up to thirty tour buses, suitable for family and travel tours to visit.

Taiwan City covers 5 acres lands. Besides from retail store, Taiwan City also starts e-commerce business by setting up an online store to provide customers with a more convenient method of purchasing goods and consulting services.