Pineapple Cake

Pineapple Cake

Pineapple Cake

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In Taiwanese wedding customs, pineapple cake is one of Taiwan's famous pastries that has six different blessings of the six rituals. Taiwan's pineapple cakes, strict selection of local pineapple, thin filling, rosin, non-stick teeth, master handmade, gently taste the aroma immediately in the tongue flow. Taiwan-shaped pineapple cake, a good companion in the ground, a Taiwanese is a stick to the culture of Taiwan and heritage, so you not only savouring, but also hard to forget the beauty of Taiwan.

Ingredients: Milk、Flour、Powdered Sugar、Butter、Cream、Egg、/Pineapple Stuffing

Weight: 285g

                                                           NUTRITION FACTS/ FAKTA NUTRISI/营养资料

Serving Sizes/ Saiz Hidangan/食用分量


Serving per package/ 每包装所含食用分量数目


                        Per Serving/ Setiap Hidangan/每食用分量


Energy/ Tenaga/能量


Protein/ Protein/ 蛋白质


Total Fat/ Jumlah Lemak总脂肪


Carbohydrate/ Karbohidrat总碳水化合物


Total Sugar/ Kandungan Gula/ 內含糖分


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